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The calculator is color coded: Values indicated in black are user inputs, while red values are generated by the calculator. The pop-down option lists are also in black, as they are user selectable. There are also radio buttons that allow the user to specify the resolution of fractional quantities (such as teaspoons or fractional ounces). The default values are as follows:

  • Flour weight – 425 grams

  • Baker's percent – 2.0

  • Output selection – Table Salt

  • Grams per Teaspoon – 6

  • Fraction resolution – 1/8

Upon pressing the calculate button, the result is displayed in red (just above the calculate button) as 1 3/8 Teaspoons. The baker's percent is calculated for 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt and is displayed to the right of the user input as 1.94%.

The user has two pop down lists that are selectable. They are:

  • Flour Weight – Selectable to either ounces or grams.

  • Output Format – Allows a variety of ways to view the calculator's results. Fractional resolution is selected by radio button. The options are:

    Table Salt – Displays the result in fractional teaspoons.

    Kosher Salt – Displays the result in fractional teaspoons.

    Sea Salt – Displays the result in fractional teaspoons.

    Instant Yeast – Displays the result in fractional teaspoons.

    Lecithin – Displays the result in fractional teaspoons.

    Wheat Gluten – Displays the result in fractional teaspoons.

    Generic – Displays the result in fractional teaspoons based on the grams/teaspoon value.

    Fraction Ounce – Displays the result in ounces and fraction of an ounce.

    Decimal Ounce – Gives the result in decimal format down to 0.01 ounce.

    Grams – Gives the metric result in grams (down to 0.1 grams).

  • Radio Buttons

    Allows the user to select how fine a fractional measurement to make. The choices are: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32. The calculator will display the fractional result that comes closest to the calculated value. The default value is 1/8.

  • User Inputs

    The input boxes for flour weight, baker's percent,and grams/teaspoon must all have non-zero values. The default values listed above are loaded wihen the web page is opened. The user may type in any non-zero number. If a calculated number is too small to be displayed, then a “0” or a “0/0” will be given as the result.

    The value of grams/teaspoon is only used for calculations that give results in fractional teaspoons. When an ingredient (such as salt) is selected, the grams per teaspoon for that ingredient is written to the input box. By selecting “Generic” the user may input the grams/teaspoon for an ingredient not in the pop-down list. The grams/teaspoon value may changed by using the (+) and (-) pushbuttons located just below the input box.

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