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By using the techniques and equipment employed by professional bread bakers, the home baker can achieve results that are superior to cookbook methods. The first method to be presented on this site is a remixed straight dough, which is particularly well suited to the production of 100% whole wheat bread. Some of the advantages of the remixed straight dough process are:

  • No “Punching” - Standard straight doughs must be knocked back (“punched”) periodically to develop properly. Remixing a straight dough eliminates all punching.

  • Full Development – After a dough is remixed in a stand mixer, it is elastic, extensible, and has a gluten structure with excellent gas retention properties. Whole wheat breads rise high in the pan and take a good “spring” in the oven.

  • Simplicity – After most of the ingredients are initially mixed into a dough, it is allowed to ferment in the mixing bowl for 2.5 hours. The remaining ingredients (salt and sugar) are then added and the dough is remixed to full development. After a short rest, the dough is shaped into a loaf and panned. It is then proofed in the pan and baked.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Stand Mixer – Also known as a vertical mixer, the largest standard size is 340 quarts. Home models are considerably smaller, with bowl sizes ranging from 4.5 to 7 quarts. Both large and small units use a “dough hook” or “dough arm” to bring the dough to full development.

  • Scale – Using an accurate kitchen scale will ensure consistent results, especially when measuring flour. If dry measure cups are used to measure flour for bread dough, corrective action is likely to be needed at some point in the mixing process.

  • Measuring Spoons – Some ingredients (salt, yeast, etc.) cannot be accurately measured on a kitchen scale. Spoons provide a low cost alternative to precision balances.

  • Miscellaneous – Loaf pans, bench knife, plastic bowl, wooden board

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